Montessori Weaning Table and Chairs For Toddlers

Montessori Weaning Table and Chair Set

It’s important in Montessori to have seating for toddlers that they can access on their own.

We have purchased two different toddler table and chair sets and wanted to do a little bit of a review of the two and provide you with more information on our favorite set.

Our first purchase was from IKEA, but after I realized the table and chair set was too big for our toddler we then ordered a Spout Kids Montessori Toddler Table and Chair set (pictured above).

After a few weeks with the new toddler table and chairs set, I’m ready to give my review on the product for anyone interested in purchasing it.

Ordering and Shipping Time

We placed our order with Sprout Kids on August 27th expecting about a 4-6 week wait for production and shipping, but we were happy to receive our shipment early on September 23rd.

The process for the check out was very smooth, and they updated us with emails along the way so we knew where our table and chairs were in the production process.

Customer service is top-notch, and the delivery time was quicker than expected.

I also believe that they sometimes have the table and chair set in stock and ship within 1-3 business days (we just happened to purchase when they were in production.

The Assembly

When the package arrived at our home I quickly took it into the playroom with my tool bag to get it set up – forgetting that this Montessori style table and chair set was a “no tools required” assembly!

Both the table and chairs came with instructions on how to set them up, but I just pulled up the video versions from their QR code as I find it quicker following video instructions.

Both chairs and the table were assembled in about 15-20 minutes, and overall the process was fairly easy.

I will say that it does take a little bit of strength to “wedge” together some of the pieces and work in the wood, but overall I think it was a much simpler assembly than a lot of products out there with plenty of hardware and tools needed.

Chair and Table Review

Montessori Table and Chair Set

We are extremely pleased with both the looks of the furniture and the quality of the set and are happy to add it to our Montessori kitchen (we debated between the playroom and the kitchen, and for now have it in the kitchen).

The chairs are very sturdy and can even hold the weight of a grown man standing on it!

When purchasing you have the option to choose a table with 3 different leg heights to make it adjustable, but we just purchased the regular size for now (and will buy the adjustable legs when needed down the road). The 12″ legs for the table are perfect for our now 17-month-old daughter

The chair has 3 different heights to choose from that should last for toddlers up to 3 years old according to the website. Our petite daughter is 17-months-old and is at the lowest height, so this should last us a long time.

With the quality of the build and the beautifully finished birch design, this set should have a good resale value down the road when your toddler grows out of it.

For any family following the Montessori parenting approach at home, a small table, like this one made by Sprout Kids, is a must-have addition.

Having a small table and chair set allows your little one to be independent and sit at a table by themselves, instead of needing help up to get into a highchair.

So far K has loved sitting at her new table when eating snacks or doing activities, and it provides a different experience for her and adds to her independence.

She always lights up with a big smile when we ask her if she wants to sit at her table.

Sprout Kids vs IKEA

This Montessori table and chair set wasn’t the first toddler-sized table set we had purchased. We actually purchased the IKEA toddler table set previously, but it was too big for our little one.

We had used it for a couple of months, helping her up each time she wanted to sit there – but it wasn’t promoting the independence having to help her up and watch her making sure she didn’t fall off the taller chairs.

Sprout vs Ikea Chairs
Sprout kids vs Ikea Chairs

Pictured above you can see the Sprout Kids chair (positioned at the middle height) compared to the height of the IKEA chair on the right. While the IKEA chair would be OK for a young child, the Sprout Kids chair is much better for a toddler.

Sprout Kids vs Ikea Table
Sprout Kids vs IKEA TABLE

In the above picture, you can see the difference in height between the two tables. The height of the Sprout Kids table makes much more sense for toddlers, especially with most Montessori parents looking to have their child sit independently at a very young age.

If your child is under 3 years old and you are comparing the Sprout Kids and Ikea table and chair set I would highly recommend going with the Sprout Kids set if you can fit it in your budget – the quality, build, and size makes it a much better product for little ones.

Montessori Weaning Table and Chairs Review Recap

Overall 9.5/10 stars for me for this Montessori toddler table and chair set from Sprout Kids!

SAVE 10%! – After posting this review we got in touch with Sprout Kids and they set us up with a 10% OFF Coupon Code “OMJ”! If you are interested in purchasing the weaning table and chair set you can find it here and remember to use the code OMJ on checkout.

We loved everything about the set and are going to be happy having this in our home for the next few years as our toddler grows!

Our experience with Sprout was great, and it’s a company we will definitely be coming back to – especially now knowing that they are specializing in Montessori Furniture (we already have a wishlist of products we want to purchase from them next when the time is right).

*Update – we’ve since picked up a Montessori Wardrobe from Sprout Kids and love that too!

If you are looking for a Montessori style table and chair set for your toddler or baby, this is the one to go with.

It is a bit pricey, so if it’s not in your current budget it’s something that would make a great gift idea for your toddler.

If you have any questions about the set please let me know in the comment section below!

  1. Hi Ashley & Kevin,

    I have a set of table and chairs for my baby at home but it’s not wood. Is that ok?

  2. Thanks for this post about weaning tables.
    Im was thinking about buying that one from ikea and after seeing the height. I think I’ll assemble it and then saw the legs shorter. To more toddlers size.
    Would work fine for my granddaughter when she comes for a visit. Due to living in Sweden I haven’t found any reasonable priced weaning tables and chairs. So for the price of the ikea one ,I’m gonna give it a go. If it won’t work there’s always ways to mend the legs I think to it’s original length or maybe the table( with even shorter legs) can be my tray for eating in bed It’s a win win I think Have a nice day! //Vickie

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