Montessori YouTube Videos
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Best Montessori YouTube Channels

We discovered the Montessori Method through Instagram, but have since learned quite a bit from various Montessori YouTube…
Montessori Wardrobe Alba
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Montessori Wardrobe

Our latest Montessori furniture purchase was a new child-sized Alba Wardrobe from Sprout Kids. Prior to this wardrobe,…
Montessori Wooden Car
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9 Montessori Christmas Gift Ideas

What Montessori inspired gifts can we buy our toddler? In this post, I’m going to share some of…
Dog and Baby Catch
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How To Teach A Baby To Catch

Today’s post is a fun one, as I want to share how I taught my baby girl how…
toddler slicing fruit
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How To Introduce A Knife To A Toddler

Something that first caught my interest when researching the Montessori Method as a new parent was pictures and…