Best Montessori YouTube Channels

We discovered the Montessori Method through Instagram, but have since learned quite a bit from various Montessori YouTube Channels.

In today’s post, I wanted to list our favorite Montessori YouTube channels that have helped us learn more about the Montessori Method and given us Montessori ideas and inspiration.

(Disclaimer: Iโ€™m not a big fan of writing โ€œbest ofโ€ lists because I know I will leave out and forget about some great channels we subscribe to, but I’ll do my best to include as many great channels as I can)

Before we get to the list, I want to mention that our channel is called Our Montessori Journey. Currently, we have a Montessori Playroom tour and toddler DIY activity on the channel and plan to add more videos!

Our Favorite Montessori YouTube Channels To Follow

#1 – Hapa Family

Ashley from the Hapa Family channel is the most consistent Montessori YouTube channel that we’ve come across, and we absolutely love her videos and her little family!

This channel is more of a parenting and family vlog-style channel, but lately, she’s been putting out a lot of Montessori themed videos.

Even when she isn’t posting strictly about Montessori, she lives a Montessori-inspired life and the videos are always entertaining and helpful.

My favorite videos from her channel are from her recent “Montessori At Home” series which include videos like “Montessori Toy Storage“, “Montessori Activities For Babies“, and “Montessori Playroom Tour” to name a few.

Ashley has two daughters (Kylie and Mia) and they are both so smart and adorable!

She is posting a few times per week on her YouTube channel and at the time of writing this, 6 of her last 15 videos have had a Montessori theme. If you want some Montessori ideas and inspiration you need to give the Hapa Family channel a follow!

#2 – The Hidden Gem

Gemma from The Hidden Gem runs an amazing parenting YouTube channel with a lot of Montessori focused videos.

Here is a description that she has written about her channel “On my channel youโ€™ll find videos about Montessori, respectful parenting, weaning, play and general things relating to parenting young children.”

Some of her recent Montessori videos include “Montessori Thrifting“, “Montessori Bedroom Tour” and “What’s New In Our Montessori Playroom.”

Although not every video has a Montessori focus, they are all wonderful and helpful videos for Montessori parents. Some of our favorites outside of the Montessori theme include her videos on supporting language development and stopping forced sharing.

Gemma is currently a mom of one (Oscar) at the time of writing this, but has just shared some big news as she is currently pregnant with triplets (congrats Gemma if ever come across this ๐Ÿ™‚ )!

She had been posting roughly once per week, but with that news, we can, of course, expect the frequency to slow down a bit.

The videos she publishes are always worth watching and she has many great Montessori themed videos in her archives that I would recommend watching!

#3 – The Montessori Notebook

Simone, the author of The Montessori Toddler, is hands down one of the best Montessori follows on all platforms. And if you haven’t read her book yet I highly recommend giving it a read!

Although she isn’t very active lately on her Montessori YouTube channel, she still posts on her channel from time to time. Her most recent video is a 90-minute question and answer period about Montessori that was very helpful.

Other videos you will find on her channel include a tour of a Montessori toddler classroom, setting up an activity Montessori-style, and Montessori at home in small spaces.

Simone is a Montessori teacher with 15+ experience working with toddlers (ages 0-3 years old), is the owner of her own Montessori toddler school, and the mother of two teenagers.

If there was one person that represented Montessori best I would say it was Simone. She has experience as a mom, teacher and Montessori school owner – and just seems to be such a wonderful human being ๐Ÿ™‚ .

We try and follow her on all platforms because everything she talks about is so relevant for us raising our little one and she is always giving beautiful Montessori parenting advice.

#4 – Montessori For Babies

I don’t know much about the owner of this Montessori YouTube channel, but it has been a very helpful Montessori resource for us.

The owner posts Montessori-inspired ideas and activities for children from 0-3 years old. The videos are simple, helpful, easy to watch, and beautifully narrated by a Montessori mom.

Some of our favorite videos on the account include “The Best Montessori Baby Items at Ikea“, “Montessori Baby Room Tour” and her videos with activity ideas for little ones.

This channel is a great follow for any Montessori parent with a little one under 3 years old!

#5 – Montessori Family

This YouTube channel is run by a Montessori teacher, Carine, who gained her Montessori diploma in 2009. She has also run a Montessori parent and toddler group in the UK, giving her a lot of experience with Montessori.

If you look back at some older videos in her archive you will find some amazing Montessori interviews (including two of our favorite Montessori mentors – Zahra Kassam and Simone Davies).

On the Montessori Family channel, you will also find plenty of helpful Montessori based videos on potty training, including an interview with the author of the popular Oh Crap! Potty Training book.

Other favorite videos of ours include the How To Start Montessori video, Gentle Discipline, and How To Observe Your Child The Montessori Way.

Carine does a fabulous job with her Montessori YouTube videos and we highly recommend subscribing to her channel!

Wrap Up

That does it for our current favorite Montessori YouTube channels, but I will make sure that we come back and update this list as we find more channels and when new channels are started.

Are there any Montessori channels that I didn’t list that you subscribe to? We would love to find new channels, so please share them in the comment section ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Carine, sorry for missing you! We’ve actually enjoyed your videos in the past but forgot to subscribe and couldn’t find you when we created this list…. we are adding you to it now ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Marie, your channel looks wonderful – we’ve just subscribed and are looking forward to watching your videos!

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