Our New Montessori Parenting Journal

Welcome to our new website – MontessoriMethod.com.

As new parents to our beautiful daughter, we’ve decided to start an online journal for our Montessori parenting journey.

We came across the Montessori Method after our daughter was born, with no real prior knowledge of Montessori parenting and education methods.

After looking into it and learning more about the Montessori Method we thought it would be a great way to try and raise our daughter.

As our daughter has gone through her infant stages we’ve started to incorporate some Montessori methods at home and have recently enrolled her in a local Montessori toddler class for the fall.

We’ve been fascinated with the Montessori approach since learning about it and will be using this website as an online journal for us to document our experiences.

I wanted to have somewhere to document the journey for three main reasons:

  1. I’m hoping that typing my thoughts out will help me grow as a parent

  2. To allow us to look back and see what worked and what hasn’t when/if a second baby comes along

  3. We’ve learned almost everything we know about Montessori parenting from other parents who have documented their journeys on blogs, Instagram, and books and I figured maybe this could help some other parents out there

I will probably preface most of my posts here by saying that we are NOT Montessori experts by any means.

Quite the opposite – as we are brand new to both parenting and the Montessori Method.

I’m hoping that having this website to share our experiences will help us grow as parents and learn the Montessori approach as our daughter grows up.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to bookmark our website if you are interested in following our parenting journey!

We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being.


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